Agnieszka McCALEB

Assistant Professor, Warsaw School of Economics

Fields of research:

Internationalization of Chinese companies • China's economic policy

Agnieszka McCaleb is an Assistant Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics, World Economy Research Institute, East Asian Research Unit. She holds a PhD in Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics (PhD dissertation titled: “The role of central and sub-national governments in internationalization of Chinese companies”). McCaleb received an MA in International Economic and Political Relations from the Warsaw School of Economics and a second MA in Sinology from Warsaw University. In 2016, she was awarded the Dekaban-Liddle Scholarship at Adam Smith Business School at University of Glasgow. Agnieszka’s research interests include: East Asian economies, Asian multinational corporations, foreign direct investment, national innovation systems and competitiveness. She teaches courses on Multinational Firms in the World Economy, National Innovation Systems in the World Economy (selected lectures on the National Innovation Systems in China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore) and Global Poverty, Underdevelopment and Development.

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