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Goals of CEECAS


The Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies (CEECAS) has been established in order facilitate joint projects and networking programs among the Asia and especially China experts of the CEE region and their Asian counterparts. While most researchers in Central Europe have excellent working relations with their Chinese and East Asian or Western European counterparts, their intra-regional cooperation and communication need further strengthening. Major international projects, like the 16+1 cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and sixteen CEE countries or the Japan-V4 year are also demanding stronger cooperation in the region.

CEECAS aims at fostering joint research programs in the fields of modern political sciences, international relations, security studies and economics with regard to Asia. The Center would like to become the main regional disseminator of information on international research projects, conferences and publications on Asian studies. At the same time CEECAS would also like to act as an interconnector between CEE governments, business circles and the academia. While scientific research plays an important role in the policy making of Asian governments, Central and Eastern European countries are usually lagging behind in this aspect.

We believe this issue has to be addressed, in order to foster better cooperation with China and other East Asian governments.

Founding members and scientific supporters of the Center are the most renowned experts on Asia in the CEE region, coming from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia. Their academic records, governmental connections and educational activities are the main resources of our success. Since CEECAS is open to new members and projects, we expect a rapid rise in the number of our international partners.


Furthermore the Center shall be the main information and knowledge source in the region for the wider public as well. The people of Central and Eastern Europe need much more information on China and Asia both in terms of quantity and quality. We certainly believe that a new balance has to be reached between Western and Eastern media resources, and the Center may play a vital role in this regard, especially with regard to the youth. 



Tamás Matura

Founder of CEECAS

International Advisory Board

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