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YANG Ye, Ph.D.


Fields of research:

Central and East European Studies • EU Governance Studies • International Relations • International Public Affairs

Dr. Yang was born in Shanghai in 1953. She is a professor in Political Science,director of the European Study Center, director of the Institute for Central East European Studies, School of Political Science & International Relations of Tongji University in Shanghai. Her main research fields are: Central and East European Studies, the EU Governance Studies, International Public Affairs, and etc. She has presided over a number of provincial-level key research projects, her academic achievements including Eastern Europe in Floating; Government Functions of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in Economic Transformation; A history of Russian (translation), The EU’s Integration: Structural Change and Foreign Policy; Globalization Context of the Challenges Facing the Government; Analysis on Rise of the Great Powers: Theory, Elements and the New Trend; Theory and Practice of Diplomatic. She also published more than 50 papers and articles in various academic journals at home and abroad.

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