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KONG Fanjun, Ph.D.


Fields of Research:

History and politics of Central and Eastern Europe • post-communist countries • transition studies

Dr. Fanjun KONG is a Professor at the School of International Studies of Peking University. As a visiting scholar and senior visiting scholar, he had been at the Sino-Soviet Institute of Hanyang University in (South) Korea in 1995~1996 , the Eastern Asian Institution of Free University in 2001-2002, School of International Studies of Japan University last year. His teaching and research focus on the Sino-Soviet relations during 1949~1991 and Politics and Foreign Affairs of Central and Eastern European Coun- tries. His main publications include: The Sino-Soviet relation and its effects on China Social Develop- ment (2004), The Root and International Background of Kosovo Crisis (1999), The Eastern European Countries in the shadow of Big Powers (unpublished).

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