Fields of research:

Internationalization of South Korean SMEs; Industrial organization of South Korea; North-South Korean relations

Mr. Kőhegyi is a fresh graduate from the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund University where he was enrolled into the master´s programme in Asian Studies with a focus on Japan and Korea. In 2014, he spent six months in South Korea as an exchange student at Korea University. The main areas of interest of Mr. Kőhegyi are the internationalization of South Korean SMEs and the industrial organization of South Korea. His master´s thesis focused on the internationalization of South Korean software SMEs with a special attention on their market selection and the influence of large business conglomerates on their expansion. Additionally, he is also interested in the political and economic relations between the two Koreas. Starting from 2011 Mr. Kőhegyi worked as the deputy general manager of TetraCoom ltd. for two years. The company is operating in the data and security technology sector. In 2012, Mr. Kőhegyi spent five months as an intern at the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs (currently: Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade).


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