Researchers in Hungary

(in alphabetical order)


Please note that Hungarian names traditionally follow the East Asian way, therefore family names come first!



Fields of research:

China and global governance • history of Sino-Western relations • historical sociology • history of international political thought • great power management

KASZNÁR Attila, Ph.D.

University lecturer, Budapest

Fields of research:

Security policy of Asia • terrorism in Asia • relations of religion and governance in China


Consultant, Budapest

Fields of research:

banking, real estate, culture, linguistics



Fields of research:

Internationalization of South Korean SMEs; Industrial organization of South Korea; North-South Korean relations

KUSAI Sándor Zoltán, Ambassador

Expert on international relations and China

Fields of research:

Economy, society, ideology, internal and foreign policy of China • Hungarian–Chinese relations • global, regional, trans- and interregional relationships of China and East Asia

MATURA Tamas, dr. jur.

Founder, Assistant Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest

Fields of research:

OBOR • Chinese foreign policy • EU-China and Sino-Hungarian relations • 16+1 • geopolitics


Journalist, Budapest

Fields of research:

The political economy of East Asian regionalism • ASEAN • Japanese politics and Abenomics

MUSZKA Katalin

General Manager, Basilicon

Fields of research:

Chinese and Global Governance • Contemporary Korea, Japan & South East Asia • Business & Society in East Asia • 16 + 1 • New Sillk Road • Cross-cultural Management and Leadership


Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies

Fields of research:

Chinese foreign policy and international relations, Chinese diplomatic history, China and the CEE

SALÁT Gergely, Ph.D.

Professor, Pázmány University, Budapest

Fields of research:

History of Chinese law • contemporary Chinese politics • Chinese culture

SZABÓ Kata Julianna

Research Assistant, Center for Comparative and International Studies, ETH Zürich

Fields of research:

Chinese Soft Power • Think Tanks and Foreign Policy Decision Making • Conflict Behavior • Democratization


Research Fellow, Academy of Sciences, Budapest

Fields of research:

Chinese foreign policy, trade and investment • 16+1 • Sino-Hungarian relations • economic development

WOLF Csaba

Regional China Director, Deloitte, Budapest

Fields of research:

Chinese economy • Chinese outbound investments • Chinese politics

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